What are the common problems of students?

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You may have heard about student problems. You may have them right now. One way or another, this is a big issue for most of you and various solutions need to be implemented. Below, we will list the problems and solutions you need to understand. In return, you can manage your higher education with great success and less stress. Yes, stress is common in case scenarios and it is usually paired with counseling services. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Being unable to manage your time

Time management or better said being unable to manage your time properly is the first and the most common issue here. You will get 2 years of teaching and knowledge into 1. Some of you may even take 21 or 18 credit semesters which is extremely difficult to meet. In other words, you won’t have the time to complete all the tasks that are waiting. You may feel overwhelmed and even start to feel depressed. Luckily, the solution is obvious and very simple.

You need to learn how to manage your time. There are specific skills and processes you need to take and there are simple tricks with extremely appealing results. This is something that every college student can use and he will see the results within days. Don't try to study more than you can. Don't try to use 21 credit semesters if you cannot complete it. Give yourself time for each task and don't forget to take a break. Although simple, this tip will make your college life much better and more productive.

Writing problem

Some of you don't like to write. Others don't know how. Sadly, colleges don't worry about this. Writing is a mandatory part of high school and college so you will need to adapt. Instead of worrying and writing poor papers, you focus on staying healthy and using the time for other responsibilities. One, amazing thing all of you can use to boost the grades and get more for less is to use writing service providers. Not all people can write nor they like. There is no point in getting a lower grade just because it is mandatory to write things you probably don't enjoy. Here are some, best examples.

·  PapersOwl - is a great education service that can help students around the world. A team of professional writers will be able to help with any task for the student.

·  Ultius - This is a huge, authoritative resource that can help you complete various writing tasks and more.

·  Edubirdie - another good educational resource that helping students from different parts of the world with different types of work


 Financial issues

Most students are unable to afford this type of education and many of them will even drop out of college due to this very issue. Sadly, there are not a lot of things you can do. Campus life is fun but does cost a lot. You will make friends, but you will want to have fun with them, which also costs. These are just some things that will make your education even more expensive.

There are only 2 things you can do. The first one is to look for student loan. Financial aid of this type is commonly used in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is very easy to get and can have a huge benefit. It is also mandatory (almost) when your family is unable to assist you. Another solution is to find work. Yes, it will make all of this even more complex and harder, but it is mandatory for some students. Number of jobs you can work while in college is very high and it cannot be generalized.


Yes, this is a huge issue for some students. They are far from home and they start to feel homesick. This means that students cannot sleep, eating habits are affected and so much more! Of course, not all of the students have this issue, but many do. It is important to add that this issue lasts for one year or even less. Once you find friends, meet new people and start living as a student, you will see massive improvements.

The solution is to plan regular visits to your house. Try to visit them once per month or even once per week if possible. If you already know that this will be an issue, look for a college that is close to you. Prepare yourself. Keep in mind that you must leave home to educate yourself, but you can come back whenever you like. If this issue persists, seek for therapist help. It is mandatory for some young adults.

Anxiety and depression

Although this isn't one issue, but rather a side effect of multiple issues, it must be mentioned. After all, it is a severe issue. Believe it or not, over 8.3% of students have considered suicide at some point. Depression will affect sleep habits, mental health, and more severely it will have a catastrophic effect on your self-esteem. In life a student needs to make sure his mental capabilities are advancing and not declining. Parents usually cannot help with depression. According to resources from all over the country, this issue is increasing as we speak. It becomes more and more common, more severe, and also harder to solve.

If you suffer from depression (this state will last longer than 2 weeks) you need professional help. It is always a better choice to visit a therapist and get help when needed than to wait and end up with a situation even more severe. Yes, you will need to add certain adjustments and changes as well. The goal is to keep anxiety and depression as low as possible and to direct your attention on positive thoughts.


Students have many complications in this part of education. This isn't all about parties and having fun. It is much more complex than that. Keep in mind that you need to take precise actions and to care about the reactions while in college. You need to direct your attention on well-being and success rather than on negative things. Luckily, all of these complications can be easily solved now when you know about them and about the solutions we have covered.

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