What Causes my AC in Midland to sound as Though Water Is Running Inside Of It

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Air conditioning is a luxury for most people around the globe. For most homeowners, the last thing they could ever want is for their unit to bring more turmoil instead of extra comfort and peace. If your previous air conditioning unit made splashing or dripping noises and rattled, there are a few things that you'll need to consider. Read on as we dive into some key things that you need to consider before you call in the experts. 


If you're hearing everyone's dreaded dripping ac noises, there's no need to panic just yet. Air conditioning units tend to create some condensation from time to time, especially if they're in great shape. When the water is removed from the air, it simply needs somewhere to go. 

So if ever you've heard that dripping sound from inside of your air conditioning unit, it's simply some condensation splashing into the units drip pan. However, we understand fully well just how annoying the sound can be, and if it has become too unbearable, you might just need to open that sucker up and empty the pan. 

In the case of running or splashing water, you may have a serious problem on your hand. HVAC Midland units were designed to allow most of the humidity to evaporate. This ensures that the water inside doesn't build up and create problems. 


Air conditioning units usually sound like water is running inside them when the condensation is in excess and not draining properly. Additionally, this could also mean that your drip pan is potentially overflowing. Water from any sources that are overflowing usually ends up straight into your home.

While these sounds are alarming and even terrifying, there's a very good chance that you don't need to worry. Some of these sounds are pretty natural and the only time you should be worried is if you see water trickling out of the unit. So if you hear your kids splashing around, especially inside of your home, you have a serious problem. 

The following are other reasons why you could be hearing dripping and running sounds inside of your ac:

* The condensate drain line is clogged

* The drain pan is cracked

* The size of the unit is too small or the unit isn't installed properly

* The condensate pump is broken

* The air filters are dirty 

* The refrigerant needs topping up

So if ever you should experience any of these issues your unit is running the risk of having its efficiency, and lifespan reduced. However, depending on how serious the problem is, you may need to either replace the entire unit or repair it. With said, you shouldn't go and assume too much on your own since this requires a special skill. 

If you're hearing running water from deep inside your ac, it's best to call in the experts. In no time they'll have the problem solved and your unit will be in good working order once more. So, be sure to contact your local air conditioning repairman today!

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