Assessment Literacy Inventory

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The Assessment Literacy Inventory (ALI) developed by Cynthia Campbell, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University, and Craig A. Mertler, Ph.D., Bowling Green State University (2004), consists of five scenarios, each containing seven questions.  The items are related to the "Standards for Teacher Competence in the Educational Assessment of Students."  Some of the items are intended to measure general concepts related to testing and assessment, including the use of assessment activities for assigning student grades and communicating the results of assessments to students; other items are related to knowledge of standardized testing, and the remaining items are related to classroom assessment.

This version of the ALI has been edited to reflect higher education scenarios and remove K12 references to standardized testing and parent interactions. Permission has been granted by Dr. Mertler to use and edit the ALI.


Read each scenario followed by each item carefully; select the response you think is the best one and mark your response. Multiple questions pertain to a single scenario; please note that for clarity of context, scenarios are repeated (the questions are unique).

Even if you are not sure of your choice, mark the response you believe to be the best.  Your score, summary, and correct responses will be available once you have completed the quiz.