Summary of marketing support software on Instagram

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Instagram is an emerging social network in Vietnam in recent years. With the age of 18-35 users, this is a potential customer file for many fields such as fashion, cosmetics, and services.  In addition, with the event that Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012. You can link Facebook Fanpage with Instagram to expand the brand and run ads on Instagram.

However, in addition to spending money on advertising, in order to do business on Instagram more effectively, you also need to know the instagram marketing tools to support.



Buffer is a web application. Within Buffer, you can set up multiple social media accounts. Therefore, it helps to share your articles on many social networks at the same time.

Not stopping here, Buffer also schedules social media sharing according to the most optimal time frame.

Besides, it also has a report section to help you evaluate the effectiveness of marketing on social networks. In addition, the feature shortens article links and team up to help you share marketing work on social networks with other members.


HootSuite is a service that is too familiar to bloggers or social media marketing professionals. Its mission is to help us manage many different social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, and completely free.

The benefit of this service is that it allows you to manage everything in a window divided into different tabs like a web browser. You can manage multiple fan pages at the same time and schedule social media posts very easily. It is easy, applicable for both personal profile and fanpage. In addition, Hootsuite also supports mobile apps very conveniently.

  •         Support features on Instagram
  •         Automatic photo posting
  •         Schedule automatic posts
  •         Manage multiple accounts
  •         Content Management
  •         Information measurement

Bot like instagram (extension)

This is a very useful add-on (add-on) installed on a web browser developed by ATP Software. Every day when you work, you just need to open your browser and the software will automatically do features such as auto follow, auto like photos of customers on Instagram by location, hashtag, and so on.

Main feature of Auto Bot Like Instagram:

  •         Auto like, auto follow by location
  •         Auto like, auto follow by hashtag
  •         Auto like, auto follow user follower, following


Ingramer is follow-up sales software that is being used by a lot of users. This Ingramer is free to try for 7 days, you can download and use here.

The main feature of Ingramer

  •         Automatically scan users by location, hashtag, photos, videos, followers / followers
  •         Automatically send / cancel follow
  •         Automatically like avatar, latest photo
  •         Automatically send messages
  •         Support running parallel multiple Instagram accounts at the same time

App Scroll (SCRL)

If you are an iOS user, this app makes it possible for us to scroll through multiple photos in a smoother way, stimulating curiosity to attract more viewers, and also many other very attractive features.

Instructions: After downloading the App and opening it up you can choose one of the layouts that the publisher gives you for free. Then you can choose the best shots you want to use, and then simply rearrange and resize them according to the layout. So you have a beautiful work already. You can also choose some premium models if you really need them.

Download link for App Scroll iOS: App Scroll | Supports iOS 13.0 and above.

App Unfold - Story Template

If you regularly share your Story content or articles on Instagram (or Facebook), Unfold, an application that helps create more lively stories of your Story will be a powerful assistant for you. .

Instructions: After you open the application on the system will let you create a new and name your story. Next, the application will take you to the next working screen where you just need to select the layout, then replace the images and text, and you have a work like that quickly and easily.

Unfold download link - Story Template for Android: Unfold - Story Template | Supports Android 5.1 and above.

Unfold download link - Story Template for iOS: Unfold - Story Template | Supports iOS 10.0 and above.

App Canva

If you are looking for an App to design cards, logos, print publications, videos or simply create stories and articles to post on social networks, this app is really what you need. .

Instructions: Open the App and choose one of the templates that the publisher shows you, after choosing the template, you just need to replace your photos and words. Note: you can choose between free templates or ones that pay the publisher some money to own it.

Canva App download link for Android: App Canva | Supports Android 4.1 and above.

Canva App download link for iOS: App Canva | Supports iOS 11.3 and above.

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