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At the time of viralizing press releases we must focus on the two relevant factors: content and dissemination. Both factors are synergistic, since good content has a greater chance of promotion and good dissemination naturally drives the content.

Next, we will see in detail what are the best ways to manage content and dissemination to obtain the best results in the viralization of press releases.

Viralize Press Releases: 2 Keys to Achieve It


To viralize best press release distribution services, the content must have two essential characteristics: quality and attractiveness. The message of a press release should be well-written, clear, and precise.

Also, it is extremely important that you contain keywords that help people find you on search engines. But it is not enough that the information is well written, it also needs to be attractive to generate interest in the public.

Means to Disseminate Press Releases

  1. Traditional media

Newsrooms continue to be one of the main destinations for press releases. However, it is happening that several journalists from various media are in charge of creating content for blogs, podcasts and videos, and thus promoting social media engines to generate more engagement. Instead of thinking about the orientation of a journalist, we must think about their audience and create a message that is of interest to these people, it is the secret to viralize press releases.

  1. Emerging media

Even if a press release never makes it to print, digital broadcasting is really powerful. Influencers and opinion leaders are connected on social media, and a mention from them can go a long way. Just a simple tweet from the right influencer can amplify the brand's message among a segmented group of people, who are more likely to be interested in the message than other people.

  1. Direct to the public

We must not forget that now brands can connect directly with their audiences, so when writing press releases, we must create content aimed at our clients and potential clients. Likewise, communicators must pay special attention to the creation of channels on social networks that allow connection with our public.

  1. Distribution platforms

One of the best ways to spread press releases is through press release distribution services platforms. These platforms have a network of thousands of sites to which to send our press release, achieving viralization in social media and good results in search engines.


Viralizing your Press Notes is extremely simple, you just have to create quality content that is attractive to your audience. To achieve this you just have to follow the advice we gave you in this post and spend a few hours preparing it.

Remember, press releases have not gone out of style; it is more current than ever. Go ahead and include it in your marketing strategy, you will improve your positioning and   get the best results in the viralization of your press releases.

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